Helping The Blind To See

Reaching out

All of our doctors have worked in some capacity to help those with fewer resources.

Dr Harrison

Dr Walters

Dr Smith


Dr. Walters has participated in humanitarian eye care trips to both Puerto Rico and El Salvador.   Dr Smith spent several months working in a refugee camp in Sudan providing care to those desperately in need.


Dr Harrison has participated in Humanitarian efforts in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Ecuador.

Dr. Harrison and his family lived in Nigeria for two years working at a small teaching eye hospital in Kano, Nigeria.  Resident physicians came from various countries in West Africa to be trained in eye surgery.  Cataract surgery was emphasized since that was the major problem seen, but many glaucoma surgeries were done as well as a few cornea transplants.


Dr Lass and Dr Harrison standing.  Dr. Lass is the Nigerian ophthalmologist who now runs the eye clinic at the Evangel Hospital in Jos, Nigeria.  Seated are patients who received cornea transplants.  The Sightlife eyebank in Seattle donated the corneas and paid for the corneas to be transported from Seattle.


ECWA Eye Hospital in Kano, Nigeria, and Nigerian. Ophthalmologists and residents.


Dr Harrison examining patient in Kano, Nigeria.


Harrison Family in Nigeria.